Innovate. Excite. Interact.

Add creativity to your activations and drive results through an interactive vending experience to be remembered.

AVS has been partnering with Marketing and Event companies for many years now to create and deliver successful and affordable activations through our Activation Rental Vending Machine Program. A key benefit of our Activation Rental Vending Machine Program is customisability, which includes configuring machines to vend products not dispensable by a traditional machine setup, and branding machines to match your specific colour and logos. We are further able to configure machines to accept non-traditional forms of payment, such as utilising tokens or QR codes in order to redeem giveaway items and foster greater interactivity with the campaign.

Cotton On flip flop / thong vending machine

Our knowledge and experience, combined with our range of high-quality, customisable vending machines, uniquely positions us to bring to life the creative activation ideas developed for your clients. Our strength lies in our ability to provide innovative solutions towards data collection that rewards consumers through an interactive vending experience. We have successfully customised vending machines and created affordable new product activation rentals for many reputable brands, including Armani, Bounce, Lancome, Love Island, Mastercard, Microsoft, Moet, Vittoria Coffee, White Claw, and Yves Saint Laurent. 

Time and time again, our Activation Rental Vending Machine Program has proven to be highly successful in creating greater consumer awareness and engagement while introducing a level of fun and a point of difference.   

Innovate. Excite. Interact.

We have provided custom vending solutions for a range of clients, many of which involve activation vending machines. Some examples of our involvement are listed below:

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