Intelligent Store: Experience EASY

Crane’s New MEDIA vending machines transform the way consumers experience vending. MEDIA makes the experience of using, owning and supporting vending equipment EASY.

Easy to Attract

MEDIA vending machines are changing the way consumers view vending. They stop customers in their tracks with customisable high-impact graphics, LED lights and an 18 cm interactive touchscreen.

Now you can choose the new MEDIA state-of-the-art interactive touchscreen or the keypad. Both the touchscreen and the keypad feature a colour display designed to attract and engage consumers fast.

Shopping Cart Suggestions

MEDIA2’s “Shopping Cart” can suggest additional products! You can specify which items, or let MEDIA2 do it for you! 

Multi- Vend Increase: Cashless multi-vend transactions averaged 12% higher in MEDIA2 than original MEDIA. 

Overall Sales Comparison: MEDIA2 average were consistently 23% higher than original MEDIA in a market test. 

Easy to Promote

Like any retail store shopping experience, MEDIA promotions represent better value and provide incentive for return visits. Vending consumers don’t always know what they want when approaching a machine. MEDIA helps you to influence sales, make vending a destination – and increase consumer value.

Advertising products at point of sale, increases sales for that product by 90% and increases overall machine sales by 23%. The MEDIA touchscreen allows you to display up to three digital product advertisements.

MEDIA also contains built-in interactive multiproduct promotions. Build brand loyalty by using promotions and combo discounts to keep customers coming back for more — expanding your customer base.

Easy to Shop

MEDIA eliminates barriers to purchase, revolutionising the consumer
shopping experience to make vending convenient and EASY. Consumers can
fill a virtual shopping cart with multiple items and pay in one single
transaction. MEDIA gives the consumer the option to ‘Buy More’ with one
EASY click — this helps you upsell every sale. And remember, shopping
carts increase sales by 30%.

Product jams are now a thing of the past! MEDIA has solved vending’s biggest problem! Using the latest infrared technology, SureVend guarantees the consumers get their product or their money back.

Easy to Browse

MEDIA allows your consumers to shop smarter – now they can shop by product categories and browse EASY-to-read nutritional facts. MEDIA database contains an image library and nutritional information for up to 250 products.

Easy to Pay

  • ✓ MEDIA offers consumer-friendly integrated cashless solutions that increase usage. Now payment systems are fully integrated, with the user interface highlighted by high- tech illuminated bezels for credit, note and coin.
  • ✓ MEDIA accepts the consumer’s preferred payment method, including high-visibility mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Integrated cashless options promote high cashless usage resulting in an increase in same-store sales of over 20%.
  • ✓ One in five consumers does not carry cash – and if they can’t buy from vending machines, they’ll buy from somewhere else. They are also more willing, and able, to buy high-ticket items using cashless payments – plus cashless enables multivends. All these features increase sales.


EASY to connect

  • MEDIA is the industry’s most advanced operating system. It is a business communications network built on an innovative telemetry platform, with the future in mind. Offer your consumers the latest software features and updates. With built in wireless telemetry, receive new features via remote software updates and capitalise on future applications. MEDIA connects are EASY for remote monitoring and credit card payments.


EASY – the Largest Variety

  • With its enlarged glass front window, MEDIA provides operators an opportunity to increase the number of categories and product facings offered in the machine. Greater variety allows you to accommodate a wider range of tastes, and boost sales potential. More than 25% of shoppers walk away from a vending machine if their choice of product is not in the machine.


EASY on the environment

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with the new MEDIA vending machines. They are twice as energy efficient as machines made just five years ago, and 30% more efficient than our competitors’ machines. MEDIA uses more environmentally friendly refrigerants and is more climate friendly than competitors’ vending machines.

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