Custom Solution Vending Machines

Vending machines are the new retail frontier. They have evolved into versatile retailers of almost any product sold by traditional bricks and mortar and online retailers. Shopping Centre landlords embrace vending as it allows them to generate rent from empty spaces. Growth is only limited by imagination and innovation.

Machines are successfully vending Cosmetics, Champagne, Shoes, Stamps, Postage Envelopes, Stationery, Phone Accessories, Computer Accessories, Clothing, Personal Hygiene Products, Pharmaceutical Products, Perfume, Vitamins ….in fact almost anything you can imagine. Game on!

“Canberra in a Can”

Habitat Media approached Automatic Vending Specialists to build custom vending machines to vend cans for the “Canberra in a Can” tourism campaign.

One major hurdle that was solved by AVS is that the cans were of insufficient weight since they did not contain fluids. Each of the cans contains not soft drink but information, tickets, discounts and offers for a short break in Canberra.

AVS technical development team performed rigorous testing and adapted the machine and products to vend the custom cans flawlessly. AVS customised the machines and provided decal.

You can read the full story on our blog here.

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“Intangible Goods” Vending Machine

Automatic Vending Specialists was commissioned to customise the vending machine to sell these non-standard goods. Vending peace and tranquility is a challenge that was happily taken on by AVS. The “Intangible Goods” custom vending machine dispenses each Intangible Good for $2 a pop. All proceeds go to local mental health charities and organisations.

You can read the full story on our blog here.

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YSL – Lippy Vending

Yves Saint Laurent set out to revolutionise beauty buys with the launch of a vending machine filled with their legendary lipsticks– Lippy Vending.  Marie Laure Claisse YSL Beauty Marketing Manager said ‘The concept behind the #YSLBeautyClub vending machine is all about a fun and engaging way to interact with the brand. It’s about beauty on the go. We’re all used to getting a treat out of the vending machine — why couldn’t beauty be this quick, fun and surprising?”

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Moet Champagne Vending

The Garden Kitchen and Bar at Star Gold Coast launched Australia’s first Champagne vending machine in July 2017.  Containing 495 perfectly chilled mini bottles of Moet, the bottles are dispensed with the push of a button. Pop the cork and sip through a gold slipper that sits on top of the bottle, turning it into its own champagne flute. It’s heaven! So, who’s buying the first round?

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Australia Post Vending

Australia Post is introducing a new superstore format that offers amazing facilities that until now were not available. The stores include a 24-hour zone equipped with vending machines and parcel lockers. The vending machines allow customers to purchase typical postal items like stamps, express post envelopes and satchels as well as parcel post satchels at any time of the day or night. In addition, some of the latest stores also range USB sticks, phone cables and travel adaptors.

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Cotton On Vending

When The Cotton On Group launched it new superstore in Cavil Ave, Gold Coast, the store was designed to showcase the new look and future direction of Cotton On’s stores. Vending machines stocked with Cotton On flip flops and Cotton On Foundation bottle water form part of the external fit-out.

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