Small Wall Mounted Vending Machines

Versatile, reliable vending machines to suit various environments

Designed with quality and reliability in mind, our small wall mounted VMWM series of vending machines is ideal for dispensing personal hygiene products, masks, test kits, cigarettes and other similar items. Ideal for small spaces, the machines are designed to be wall mounted, however they do have legs and can be placed on a table or similar. They accept all cashless payment systems including Tap n Go, QR Code, SMS to Vend, but no cash. Programming features include the ability to limit number of items dispensed under a free vend scenario, restricting products to only certain users and even the sell down of products.

Guaranteed Vend

The machines have a guaranteed Vend sensor in the delivery bin that senses if a product has been dispensed, if not the spiral turns a little more to drop any products that may not have dispensed. If a customer selects a sold-out selection, the machine will, after trying to dispense the product, ask the consumer to make another choice. Guaranteed vend can be toggled on and off.

Cloud Reporting

Cloud reporting provides many reports, including daily, weekly and monthly sales reports, inventory levels, refill reports, product usage reports etc. Furthermore, it offers organisations stock control, and for those that offer free products, accountability and visibility of users.


The VMWM machines come in two sizes – 8 select and 10 select.
DescriptionMeasurements 10 selectMeasurements 8 select
Number of Selections8-10 depending on product heights6-8 depending on product heights
Number of products per selection6-12 depending on product depth6-12 depending on product depth

Cigarette Vending

The VMWM machines are ideal for site-operated cigarette vending. They offer a good balance between range and inventory held, making it easy and viable for pubs and clubs to self-manage their cigarette sales. Machines are decaled with the required warning labels to ensure they are able to comply with all current warning requirements for each state re Cigarette retailing. In addition, for NSW based outlets, the machines are configured to allow them to comply with the regulation that requires the operation of tobacco or e-cigarette vending machines to be controlled by members of staff.