Fresh Food Made Easy

In today’s fast-paced world, customers are seeking convenience and healthy options during their stay. We have developed a revolutionary solution that will not only enhance your customer experience but also streamline your operations. Cut back on costs and treat your guests to a vast selection of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals and food selections to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Our Smart Fridge Solution offers you 24/7 self-service convenience, accountability, and control over what you stock and how much you sell it for. Whether your customers are craving a late meal or an early breakfast or just want something to eat during unstaffed hours, our smart fridge solution allows you to offer this service.

What does your customer experience look like?

1. Use a payment device or an app to initiate the transaction and open the Smart Fridge door.
2. Take desired products and, if needed, return undesired ones.
3. Simply close the door to complete the process.

How does Our Solution Work for you?

✓ Increased revenue: Boost profits by providing convenient opportunities to encourage additional purchases.

✓ Operational efficiency: All the benefits of an on-site shop without adding staff or losing sales when closed.

✓ Real-time inventory management: Accurately track product availability in real time, optimise product assortment, avoid stockouts. No wasted space on empty shelves, ever.

✓ Data-driven insights drive profits and loyalty: Generate valuable data to gain insights into guest preferences and purchasing patterns. For chains with membership programs, personalise offerings and discounts, tailor marketing campaigns.

✓ Fully secured with proven loss prevention technologies


The Shopper

The Shopper is the world’s best practice and most popular food vending machine. This machine was designed specifically to vend food items and can vend all fresh food including fruit, sandwiches, wraps, rolls, salads, refrigerated food, plates of food, pastries, milk and flavoured milk and tetra packs. The machine has a Healthy control function that ensures that the products being vended are not compromised if the temperature falls outside of safety parameters.

The machine contains 9 shelves that can be configured to hold between 5 and 25 items per shelf. It also has a Prefer Max feature that ensures that the side of the machine with the most products available for sale always comes to the front. It allows you to do time of day discounting on selected sections of the machine so could be useful in ensuring that the highly perishable items are discounted at the end of the day.

Crane Shopper Fresh Food Vending Machine

  • ✓ World’s most popular fresh food vendor
  • ✓ Provides full visibility of the product selections
  • ✓ ‘Prefer Max’ returns drum to the view with the most products still available for sale.
  • ✓ Health control function for food safety
  • ✓ Highly efficient environmentally friendly refrigeration system with the best air distribution system in the industry
  • ✓ 9 shelves that can be configured to hold between 5 and 25 items per shelf
Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 969 mm, D 782 mm, W 322 kg

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