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Parts and User Guides

Welcome to the AVS manuals page. The manuals listed below represent all our current vending machines. If you cannot find your machine listed here, please contact us.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents; you can find a link to download the software below. Please click the Vendor Model link in the left column to download the parts or service manual.


Some of these documents are quite large and download times may vary. Please be patient. The file size is indicated in the right column.

The manuals listed below are also available for sale in printed form. Please contact us if you wish to purchase one.

Crane Machines:
CRANE MEDIA2 Operator Technical Manual Nov-18 12.3 MB
CRANE BevMax MEDIA 2 Operator Technical Manual 401174 Mar-19 13 MB
CRANE COTI Parts Manual PR15954000 Feb-20 2.9 MB
CRANE COTI User Manual PR15494001 Feb-20 2.2 MB
MEDIA User Guide 3.5 inch Keypad (model 186, 187, 471, 472) CR0018847 Jan-13 5.8 MB
MEDIA User Guide 7 inch Touchscreen (model 186, 187, 471, 472) CR0021457 Mar-14 5.8 MB
MEDIA Parts Manual (models 186, 187, 471, 472) CR0021459 Mar-13 2.7 MB
BevMax MEDIA User Guide 80390489 Feb-15 1.3 MB
BevMax MEDIA Parts Manual 80390485 Feb-15 1.4 MB
Voce MEDIA Operator Guide PR14987000 Jan-15 2.2 MB
Voce MEDIA Parts Manual May-16 5.4 MB
Merchant Classic Operator Guide (model 180, 181, 448, 449) 1810025 Aug-09 5.1 MB
Merchant Classic Combo Parts Manual (models 448, 449) 449 Mar-14 4.3 MB
Merchant Classic Parts Manual (models 180, 181) 1810007 Aug-09 2.0 MB
Shopper 2 Operator Guide 4320022 Apr-11 3.5 MB
Shopper 2 Parts Manual 4320037 Apr-11 4.2 MB
V721 Complete User & Parts Manual 1169256 Sept-08 2.3 MB
V721 Programming Manual June-15 734 KB
G-Drink Installation & Service Manual Feb 2015 5 MB
G-Drink Programming Manual V1.19 988 KB
G Drink Parts Manual Nov-12 3.3 MB
G Drink Outdoor Parts Manual June-16 3.3 MB
G-Snack User and Maintenance Manual Dec-2016 4.9 MB
G-Snack Programming Manual  Sep-2016 535 KB
G-Snack Parts Manual Nov-12 2.5 MB
G-Snack Outdoor Parts Manual June-15 5.3 MB
VM Series:
VM3,4,5 User Guide 2001 339 KB
VM3,4,5 Parts Manual 2001 1.2 MB
VM4 Plus, VM5 Plus User Guide June-16 16.7 MB
VM4 Plus, VM5 Plus Parts Manual June-17 1.5 MB
VM Ambient Series User Manual July-17 1.1 MB