Healthy Eating Made Easy

Cut back on costs and treat your staff to a vast selection of delicious, nutritionally balanced meals to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Our Youfoodz Smart Fridge Solution offers you 24/7 self-service convenience, accountability, and control over the number of units dispensed and costs.

Youfoodz Smart Fridge Solution

AVS is proud to have partnered with Youfoodz to bring you a Solution that offers delicious, convenient meals made with fresh and real Aussie ingredients, and a smart fridge that displays and dispenses the meals.

How does it work?
Our solution offer:

Fresh, never frozen

Only the best quality farm-fresh ingredients make it into our meals before being packed and delivered fresh to you.

Nutritionally-balanced meals

Each meal is perfectly balanced with top-quality protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and healthy fats & endorsed by a dietitian.

Flex your plan to your needs

A wide variety of choices for every appetite, occasion, taste & lifestyle.

Lower your costs

Save on labour costs and eliminate the need for a full-time staff member in the staff lunchroom. All meals are pre-prepared and packaged, ready to store in one of our high-quality smart fridges.

Reduce menu fatigue

Featuring a wide selection of high-quality meals to satisfy all tastes and preferences, there’s always something new to try.

Increase productivity

Fuel up the right way and perform at your best. All meals feature real and fresh ingredients, and are specifically designed to be delicious, nutritionally balanced and portion controlled.

Minimise food wastage

The traditional Bain Marie setup is highly wasteful; food is exposed for prolonged periods of time and is often contaminated, meaning leftover food cannot be stored, leading to excess waste.
All meals by Youfoodz are pre-prepared and packaged in recyclable containers that can last up to 2 weeks, as well as designed to suit all types of appetites to minimise excess waste.


We offer pricing plans that include meals and the Smart Fridge.
Cost of Meals is $8.25 per unit. Delivery is free for orders over $150. Regional areas may have a slightly higher minimum order value.

Smart Fridge pricing includes a fully maintained smart fridge, customisation to your needs, SAS licence fee, delivery, installation (Regional areas may be slightly more) and training. Rental are depend on the period of the plan and the number of meals committed to per week.

24 Month Minimum Plan

Machine rental cost – 2 year plan

< 100 meals per week

$ 160 per week

100-199 meals per week

$ 110 per week

200-380 meals per week

$ 60 per week

> 380 meals per week

FREE No weekly fees

36 Month Minimum Plan

Machine rental cost – 3 year plan

< 100 meals per week

$ 140 per week

100-199 meals per week

$ 70 per week

200-380 meals per week

$ 50 per week

> 300 meals per week

FREE No weekly fees

If you purchase more than 43 meals a day on a 3 year plan or 54 meals a day on a 2 year plan, we’ll supply you with one of our state-of-the-art smart fridges completely free of charge!
Alternatively, AVS offers a range of fantastic rental plans and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options, available to approved customers to suit all needs.

Source your own AVS/Youfoodz Fresh Food Vending Machine today!

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