Club Rewards Vending Machines

Club Rewards Vending Machines are specifically tailored for the Club Industry and allows the Club to manage the redemption of your Club Member’s rewards points easily and effectively, through one of our Unattended Members Rewards Outlets.

The Club Rewards Vending Machine can be configured to work on whatever Members Rewards platform that you use. The Club Rewards Vending Machine can range a number of different products including all mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, club vouchers, gift cards, chips, chocolates and more.

The Club Rewards Vending Machine can also be your coffee vending machine that members and guests have access to. 

All Club Rewards Vending Machines can be tailored to your own Club needs. This includes branding the machines to your Club’s colours and logos.

Always on

Available & Ready 24/7


Pay by redeeming membership rewards points


Efficient and Easy to Manage

Great Features

Club Rewards Shopper vending machine

Club Rewards Shopper Vending Machine

  • 9 carousel shelves on 5 levels and can hold anywhere between 45 and 225 reward items.
  • Club rewards machine can dispense gift cards, mobile phones, toys etc
  • Prefer Max system returns carousel to the view with the most products
  • Easy to stock, easy to redeem and easy to manage
  • Light Box at the bottom which can be tailored to represent your Club
  • Can be branded with your Club logo and colours
  • Tamper-proof vend doors
Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 969 mm, D 782 mm, W 322 kg
Club Rewards MEDIA vending machine

Club rewards MEDIA Vending Machine

  • Largest variety of ranged products – 20% more than other machines
  • Surevend system guarantees product delivery, so members can never lose their money
  • Easy to stock, easy to redeem and easy to manage
  • Customisable shelves which enable unique products to be vended
  • Can be branded with your Club logo and colours
  • Energy efficient – best in class energy efficient refrigeration
Dimensions 6 Wide
H 1830 mm, W 1112 mm, D 978 mm, W 276 kg
Club Rewards Coffee vending machine

Club Rewards Coffee Vending Machine

  • Up to 32 delicious barista style selections
  • All drinks customisable by consumer for strength of drink, milk and sugar
  • Choose from the highest quality espresso brewer or instant
  • New proprietary jam-proof cup dispenser that vends all cup sizes
  • Individual pin numbers can be programmed to allow recognition of consumer preferences
  • Can be branded with your Club logo and colours
Dimensions 6 Wide
H 1830 mm, W 700 mm, D 785 mm

Club Rewards System

Have your Club Members redeem their points within your Club.

Whether it is through a Club Rewards Shopper, Club Rewards MEDIA or Club Rewards Coffee Vending Machine, you can have your members utilising their points easily through one of our Club Rewards Vending Machine solutions.

Products can be set up with both a points value and dollar value which would allow for both members and guests to use the Club Rewards Vending Machine.
By placing a coffee, snack and drink vending machine around the gaming area, it allows easy access for your Members and guests to obtain their favourite coffee, drink or snack by either using their Club Reward Points or cash.

Your Club Rewards System also caters for your different Member tier levels.

The Club Rewards System can be fitted in all Clubs & Hotels in NSW, ACT, QLD and Vic where gaming machines are installed. Limited systems can be fitted in Clubs & Hotels in SA, WA, Tas and NT depending on the Club Gaming software being used.

The Club Rewards System is compatible with all systems including Dacom 5000, 6000 & 7000, e-Bet, Turbo, IGT Club, IGT Casino and Maxi Gaming.

What our customers say

Automatic Vending Specialists has provided Western Suburbs Leagues Club with two vending machines. We have one at our main site and we have recently purchased another for our Country Club in Camden. In both occasions, they have provided excellent customer service and responsive support. I will have no hesitation in recommending them for any of your vending needs.

Christie Sciberras
Assistant Gaming Manager
Western Suburbs Leagues Club,

Automatic Vending Specialists has been able to provide Bankstown Sports with specialist advice, the latest equipment and excellent service support whilst we installed our own vending machines. I would have no hesitation in recommending Automatic Vending Specialists for your vending needs.

Michael Clancy
Operations Manager
Bankstown Sports

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