VM Series Locker Extensions

Expand your business and offerings with our unique locker extensions to our VM Series range of vending machines. You can use the locker extension to sell anything from T-shirts to promotional mugs, or any fragile or bulky item that cannot fit in a standard vending machine setup.

Perfect for gyms as you can sell protein powders, gym accessories, towels or tshirts from the safe locker system.

Excellent for hotels, clubs, work sites, hospitals, schools and more. 


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BV-1700 Locker

BV-1700 Locker extension

Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 1020 mm, D 400 mm, W 122 kg
BV-3600 Locker attached to VM5 Combo

BV-3600 Locker extension

Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 880 mm, D 400 mm, W 155 kg

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