Responsible Alcohol Vending

Imagine no more Mini Bars.
Imagine responsibly dispensing alcohol from a vending machine only to patrons over 18.

Alcohol Vending By AVS is the solution you have been looking for.  Our solution allows you to offer non alcoholic products and alcoholic products in the same vending machine, or if required, just alcoholic products in a vending machine.  Access to alcohol products is restricted to approved customers who have passed the age verification process.  The solution also has a built in RSA application.

The Problem With Mini Bars

Numerous survey results have described Mini Bars as a nightmare to operate with many issues including:
• High installation/removal costs
• High labour demands and costs
• High guest disputes and wrongful charges
• High rate of theft by guests
• High rate of spoilage due to overstocking of products

Is there a better way to appeal to guests’ desire for instant gratification and 24/7 access? Yes there is!

AVS Alcohol Vending Solution

Alcohol Vending by AVS provides guests the service and convenience they need while saving thousands of dollars from reductions in labour, guest disputes, spoilage, and theft.

Our solution involves the following:
• A Proprietary AVS Mobile QR Code Alcohol App that allows Responsible Sale of Alcohol.
• Customised AVS Vending machines enabled to work with the AVS Mobile QR Code Alcohol App.

If you have an On-Premise Licence or similar, our Responsible Alcohol Vending solution is for you!

Responsible Sale of Alcohol

AVS, together with their Software Partner developed a solution that enables Proprietor to offer a vending solution that dispenses normal snacks, confectionery and drinks, but also responsibly sells alcohol. The solution allows all patrons to purchase non-alcoholic items, but only registered and approved patrons over the age of 18 years, are enabled to purchase alcoholic products. Controls built into the solution can be enabled to limit the number of drinks that can be purchased by a patron – eg, 2 drinks in the first hour and 1 per hour thereafter. Designated responsible persons are able if required to override some of the programmed restrictions, eg, to allow a patron to buy a round of drinks. This is Responsible Sale of Alcohol.

Our Alcohol Vending Solution includes state of the art vending machines with custom decals and features that work together to maximise sales. Features include touchscreens, point of sale digital advertising and promotions, shopping carts and in cart promotions, bundle deals, bright LED lighting, wide shopfront windows, cashless payment options and guaranteed vend technology.

24/7 Service

Our range of Vending Machines not only allow you to vend alcohol, but also allow you to declutter your reception area while simultaneously freeing up your staff to focus on guest services instead of retailing snacks, beverages and personal hygiene items. As products are displayed in an unattended retailer, products are available 24/7, time to manage stock is reduced, stock control is substantially improved and profitability increases.


All Alcohol Vending Machines are tailored to your property’s needs. Machines are configured to vend products that satisfy all tastes and achieve your alcohol vending goals. Presentation is enhanced by producing and applying customs decals that display your branding, logos, colours and messaging.


Cloud-based back end reporting provides access to sales, margin and inventory reports as well as pick lists and many other reports to enable you to manage your vending machine.

Flexible Rentals

Flexible Rental/Finance Plans to suit your needs Our offer includes the ability to easily rent/finance your AVS Alcohol Vending Solution. The application process is generally short and painless and our finance provider is experienced in funding Vending Machines. 

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Find out how Alcohol Vending can revolutionise your business.

Great Features

Crane Media2 BevMax

✓ The Mercedes Benz of Drink Vending Machines
✓ Vends 45 selections of various size products
✓ Energy efficient – best in class
✓ Achieves sales levels on average of 20% greater than all other drink vending machines
✓ The industry’s best vending machine for presenting and merchandising your products
✓ Offers an ability to display product information or nutritional panels
✓ Allows advertising on the touchscreen
✓ Allows promotions like bundle deals – ie buy 2 products get 25% off
✓ Offers shopping carts and multiple vends
✓ Accepts all payment options, cash, tap and go, apple pay etc.
✓ Guaranteed vend technology that ensure customers receive a product or a refund
✓ Wheel chair Disability Compliant.
✓ Offer greater range than other machines.

Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 1194 mm, D 813 mm, W 347 kg
Dimensions – H 1850 mm, W 1015 mm, D 813 mm, W 247 kg

VM CV Plus Vending Machine

✓ The Toyota Corolla of Combo Vending Machines
✓ Comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large (large displayed)
✓ Guaranteed vend technology that ensure customers receive a product or a refund
✓ Vandal resistant stainless steel keypad
✓ Efficient LED lighting to maximise presentation of your products in the machine.
✓ Easy to stock and easy to manage
✓ Customisable shelves which enable unique products to be vended
✓ Accepts all payment options, cash, tap and go, apple pay etc

Dimensions CV3 Plus – H 1830mm, W 777mm, D 820mm, W 225kg
Dimensions CV4 Plus – H 1830mm, W 925mm, D 820mm, W 255kg
Dimensions CV5 Plus – H 1830mm, W 1073mm, D 820mm, W 285kg

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