Vending Machine for all your Frozen Needs

Introducing our new Frozen Vending Machine, DIVI. Vending has never been so cool

Time and time again, the bounds of creativity and imagination are challenged to inspire change on a revolutionary scale. Meet DIVI, our newest and most reliable Frozen Vending Machine. Featuring advanced robotics that can deliver almost any frozen, refrigerated or consumer product, prepare for an immersive experience that will create chills.


Vending Technology, Reinvented.

Featuring new technology commonly used in the automotive and manufacturing industry, the SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) robot excels at “pick and place” operations, as it mimics the movement of a human arm. 

With full range of motion on its X-axis, while bolted into place on the Y-axis, our DIVI Frozen Vending machine robot delivers fantastic range of motion, speed, and precision to deliver a wide range of shapes, sizes, and weights. 

The robotic arm also means that DIVI uses considerably less parts and motors compared to a conventional vending machine, making it more reliable and less costly to maintain. The robotic functionality of the machine also boosts impulse sales because of the entertainment provided by the operation of the robot. 

Product Storage

Products in the DIVI Frozen Vending Machine are stored in bins proportionate in size to each product. Products are stacked within each bin eliminating space between spirals and allowing greater capacity. 

In the case of frozen products, bins are stored in a 7 cubic feet chest freezer, ensuring your products integrity. This also gives you the most energy efficient frozen vendor on the market today.

Bins can be easily reconfigured as product mix changes. 

Compatible Products

Time is precious, but so is delicious food. Now you can access a satisfying meal with the click of a button. Some examples of what can be merchandised are:

Ice cream: In all shapes and sizes! Due to the versatility of the SCARA, a vast selection of ice creams can be vended, including ice cream cones, cups and sticks.

Frozen meals: Time is ever more valuable in an increasingly busy environment. Capable of storing a range of frozen meals, you can provide customers with greater flexibility and time effective options without compromising on nutritional value.  Common items include pies, pizzas, roast dinners, pastas, curries, stir fries and more!



Standard frozen Vending Machine

  • 7 cubic ft. chest freezer
  • ✓ Capacity of approximately 150-175 standard bars or 250-300 30z ice cream cups
  • ✓ Powerful robotic vacuum capable of picking up 4 pounds
  • ✓ Picks and delivers all shapes and sizes
  • ✓ Simple programming
  • ✓ Minimal parts compared to a traditional vending machine
  • ADA approved
  • ✓ Takes all payment options
  • ✓ Small profile and high capacity machines available
Optional features
  • ✓ Live display shelves
  • ✓ Digital media player card slots
  • ✓ 10″ integrated touchscreen enabling the display of product information
  • ✓ 6″ glass or standard keypad 
Dimensions – H 1842 mm, W 1041.4 mm, D 914 mm, W 247kg

The New DIVI Frozen​

The new DIVI Frozen features sophisticated technological advancements unseen in the vending industry to offer an experience unmatched by other leading manufacturers. Be sure to look out for these great features:
  • 42 inch interactive touchscreen display
  • ✓ Cloud based advertising
  • ✓ Shopping carts
  • ✓ WiFi capable media player
  • ✓ Machines can be networked with remote management capability
  • ✓ Age verification software to enable the supply of under age prohibited items
  • ✓ Facial recognition
  • ✓ Military grade biometrics 
Dimensions – H 1842 mm, W 1041.4 mm, D 914 mm, W 247kg

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