Rent, Lease or Buy a Vending Machine

In order to be competitive and grow, you need access to the latest and best vending machines available. Vending businesses are capital intensive and need working capital solutions for buying new equipment.

Should you buy, finance or rent your vending machine?

While financing or renting a vending machine tends to have a lower initial investment cost, buying outright tends to cost less overall. AVS understands that all businesses have different funding capabilities and needs, and that managing capital and cash flow is critical to the success of your business. We understand that you need to match your capital purchases and the revenue they generate with your cash flow capacity.

While we are not a bank, we have developed relationships with several financiers who understand the vending model and are willing to lend to approved businesses. We are able to assist customers with the following:

  • Lease, Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage arrangements

    Generally available for periods of between two to five years. Payments consist of equal monthly instalments enabling businesses to budget their cash flow more effectively. Certain leases can be structured to allow the monthly repayments to be tax deductible.

  • Short-term finance plans, typically six equal monthly instalments.

    Suitable for businesses that are able to pay for their purchases through short-term cash flow. Once approved, this arrangement offers a redraw facility.

  • Rentals

    Long period rentals (over two years) are available with an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the period.

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