Club Rewards Vending Machines

Club reward machines are specifically tailored for the Club industry and allow the Club to manage the redemption of their patron’s reward points easily and effectively. The machine can be configured to work on whatever reward platform you use. The Club Reward machines can range a number of different products including all mobile devices like smart phones, IPods, IPads, notebooks, tablets and other products like digital cameras, vouchers, gift cards and any product you want to provide as part of your reward redemption program.

Crane Rewards Shopper

  • ✓ Perfect for Club Rewards Vending – Compatible to all systems including Dacom 5000, 6000 and 7000, e-Bet, Turbo, IGT Club, IGT Casino and Maxi Gaming
  • ✓ 9 shelves that can be configured to hold between 5 and 25 items per shelf
  • ✓ ‘Prefer Max’ returns drum to the view with the most products still available
  • ✓ Easy to stock, easy to redeem and easy to manage
  • ✓ Machine has a light box decaling to reflect club brand
  • ✓ Tamper proof vend door
Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 969 mm, D 782 mm, W 322 kg

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