Vending Machine Payment Solutions

AVS supports its quality machines by offering the most comprehensive portfolio of vending payment solutions available. Payments solutions include:

  • Coin payment solutions
  • Note payment solutions
  • Credit card payment solutions, including swipe, insert and tap and go
  • Cashless cards payment solutions
  • Phone payment solutions like Tap & Pay, Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Coin Mechanisms


Note Acceptors


Cashless & Credit Cards


Remote Monitoring


The payment solutions we offer are sourced from world-leading suppliers like Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), MEI, Coinco, ICT and a number of other quality manufacturers of payment solutions.

Many of these payment solutions are integrated into the machine and highlighted, so all you see is the payment window or the slot to insert your card or currency.

Our qualified team is uniquely positioned to assist you with your telemetry and your remote monitoring requirements.


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