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At AVS, we recognise that payment systems are one of the most important components impacting the functional reliability of a vending machine. For this reason, while there are cheaper alternatives available, we strive to support all our vending machines with only top of the line payment systems to prevent unnecessary maintenance costs and lost transactions from arising.

Cash Payment Systems

In order to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of vending payment solutions available, we source payment systems from some of the most reputable brands in the world. 

For cash payment systems, notes and coin, we offer Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), Suzohapp/Currenza and ICT.

Cashless Payment Systems

Cashless Payment Systems are payments utilising either a credit card, digital wallet or QR codes. For Credit Card Readers, we offer solutions from Nayax, Seed/Cantaloupe, Advam, Circumtec and Vending on Track. These readers are capable of supporting all forms of payments for flexible and seamless transactions.

Pricing for Credit Card payment systems is relatively simple and operate similarly to any other credit card plan. As a guide, you need to purchase the hardware and enter into an agreement with the provider of the hardware for the provision of a bank merchant facility and monthly credit card plan. The monthly credit card plan includes a monthly fee and transaction fees levied on every transaction, which can be passed onto the customer as a credit card surcharge.

For Credit Card Readers, we offer solutions from Nayax, Seed/Cantaloupe, Advam, Circumtec and Vending on Track, amongst others.

QR Codes Payment Systems

No Wallet? No Problem – Introducing the Monex and VendCoin Payment Apps and QR code for vending machines. The Payment Apps allow registered users to scan a QR code and pay for their products. The Payment App works in conjunction with all other payment solutions, or, without any other payment solutions, thereby reducing acquisition costs.

Apart from fostering a more efficient form of payment for consumers, the Payment Apps offers the ability to track transaction patterns, enabling for a greater understanding of purchasing preferences, as well as more effective and tailored promotional campaigns.

The Payment Apps are not only a transactional tool, they are an analytical and insight tool guaranteed to increase your return on investment.

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