Digital Advertising: Increase Revenue by Displaying Digital Product Advertisements on Your Vending Machines!

Impulse Sales:

80% of consumers don’t know what they are going to buy when they approach your vending machine, and the average time taken to decide is eight seconds.

The majority of sales through vending machines occur as a result of impulse buying. Displaying Digital Product Advertisements while the machine is idle and the customer is deciding what to buy influences the impulse buy decision and the product sold.

Increase Same-store Sales:

Data from MEDIA machines in the field indicate overall product sales increase by 23%, and sales for the product advertised increase by 90%. With the ability to display up to three digital product advertisements, MEDIA draws consumers to your machine and increases the probability of a sale. How’s that for Intelligent Retailing!

Generate Additional Profit:

MEDIA’s ability to advertise opens up a new revenue stream for operators. Suppliers of product are willing to pay retailers to advertise and range their products in their vending machines. With a capacity for three adverts at present, MEDIA earns you additional revenue, 100% of which drops to the bottom line. MEDIA’s platform will shortly allow retailers to display video stream adverts to generate additional advertising profits. How’s that for Intelligent Retailing!

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