Vending Machines

We are proud to offer machines manufactured by global leaders in the Vending Industry. All the manufacturers we represent are at the top of their game and responsible for much of the innovation in the industry at present. They are producing reliable machines that can interact with their customers through the use of touchscreens, point-of-sale digital advertising and promotions, shopping carts, nutritional/product information and multiple payment methods. Today’s vending machines also offer remote monitoring and updating of software via the cloud. We like to call our vending machines Intelligent Retailers.

MEDIA Machines

Designed with the consumer in mind, MEDIA is transforming the way consumers experience vending. MEDIA has converted a vending machine from a dumb box to an interactive unattended intelligent retailer. MEDIA has been designed on a new platform with new software and a state-of-the-art 9 inch colour LCD integrated touchscreen and keypad that make the consumer interface easy. Core MEDIA features include integrated payment solutions that allow consumers to pay how they want, shopping carts, digital product advertising, promotions, displaying of nutritional information while shopping or browsing, guaranteed delivery of products, attractive LED pill, cabinet lighting and a touchpad and delivery system that caters to the needs of consumers who are wheelchair users.

The Sky is the Limit

These state-of-the-art vending machines – or Intelligent Retailers – have vastly expanded the applications for vending machines.

Intelligent Retailers are no longer confined to traditional products like snacks, beverages and meals; rather the sky is the limit! The product simply needs to fit into the machine, and the Intelligent Retailers will do the rest, enabling you to promote and merchandise the product – to maximise sales.

Great Products sold through Intelligent Retailers Include:

✓ safety equipment
✓ shoes and thongs
✓ stationery and postal items
✓ smart phone products incl. ✓ batteries and chargers
✓ digital and audio products, 3D glasses
✓ books and CDs
✓ gift cards and prizes.

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