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Program Details

The AVS Reward$ Club program commenced on 20 September 2016. Members earn points at a ratio of 1 point for 1 dollar of purchases (excl GST).

Status Levels

Status levels are determined based on total points earned during any calendar year. Initial status levels were awarded to customers based on their purchases during the financial year ended 30 June 2016.

Status LevelAnnual Points to achieve initial Status LevelMinimum Annual Points to maintain status level
Bronze0 to 19,999Nil
Silver20,000 to 49,00020,000
Gold50,000 to 79,99940,000
Platinum80,000 plus65,000

Levels are as follows:

Status levels are upgraded by earning points during the calendar year that place you into the next level.

Example: Your status level for the current calendar year is silver. During November you earn points that takes your current calendar year total points above 50,000, ie. into the Gold level. Your status level is upgraded to Gold and you are entitled to Gold status benefits for the balance of the calendar year.

At the beginning of each calendar year status levels are reset. New status levels are based on the points you earned during the previous calendar year (see maintained status level).

Example: On 1 January, your total points during the past calendar year were 32,000. Your commencing status level for the calendar year is Silver


The Rewards are linked to your status level. The table below indicates the eligibility of each status level, in the promotions and offers.

on new Equipment
in dollars per $10,000 spent
on Spare Parts
Period on new Equipment
A new BevMax Media
into draw for trip to NAMA
to function and draw for trip to NAMA
BronzeNilNil18 Months
Silver2505%18 Months
Gold50010%24 Months
Platinum75015%24 Months