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Vendo Vending Machines

Vendo G Snack plus HS-8 Machine

  • Vends ambient products, all refrigerated drinks, including tetra packs, and refrigerated food
  • Speedy lift for delicate and fragile products
  • Safety health control – a safety temperature can be programmed
  • Fresh food kits available to allow vending of sandwiches
  • Light control for energy savings – A+ class

Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 975 mm, D 845 mm, W 295 kg

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Vendo G-Drink DY6 OUTDOOR

  • Outdoor version of the popular G Drink machine
  • Weather resistant and anti-vandalism fittings
  • Vends 5 Shelves of 600 ml bottles
  • 6 selections per shelf
  • High reliability is achieved through extreme simplicity in use and maintenance

Dimensions – H 1875mm, W 1000mm, D 970mm, W 350kg

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Vendo G Drink DR6 Machine

  • Vends tetra packs
  • 6 selections per shelf
  • Cup delivery system
  • Anti-vandalism keypad and safety coin insert
  • A++ class energy efficiency

Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 950 mm, D 845 mm, W 295 kg

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Vendo V721

  • Conventional reliable stack drink machine with 10 selections
  • Energy star rating – up to 50% more energy efficient than standard machines
  • V21 stack allows easy conversion from bottle to can and vice versa
  • LED lighting now standard
  • Comes with credit card cut-out

Dimensions – H 1830 mm, W 1003 mm, D 883 mm, W 299 kg

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